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Full-time employees of Eder Flag have access to interest-free loans from MJFLA.  This program offers an opportunity for Eder Flag employees to improve their lives and the lives of their families.  As loans are repaid, these funds become available to other Eder Flag employees.  Loans will be made based upon availability of funds.


  • Interest-free loans up to $2,500 to help when needed for any necessary purpose including rent/mortgage, utilities, home repairs, car repair, debt relief, medical/dental bills, daycare/preschool/camp, continuing education, etc.


  • No cosigner requirement for Eder Flag employees.


  • MJFLA offers larger loan amounts to all residents of Southeastern Wisconsin (with cosigner requirements) up to $5,000 for personal loans, $5,000 per year for student loans, and up to $10,000 for adoption/fertility/surrogacy for growing families.


  • Loan amount, approval, and payment schedule are determined on an individual basis, based upon ability to repay.  Repayment begins one month after receiving the loan; the schedule is typically $50/paycheck via payroll deduction and not to exceed 2 years.


  • A minimum of 24 months employment in good standing is required to apply. Employment verification will be confirmed with HR Manager, Jessica Santiago. MJFLA will not share any information other than the loan amount with Eder Flag or anyone else.

  • Once the application is received and credit reports are completed, if the applicant qualifies, then the loan committee will meet to review the application within one to three days.  Once approved, loan documents will be signed and the loan funds will be disbursed.


The entire loan process is online.  Click the link below to apply.  Contact Anna Koenig at 414-961-1500 or with any questions.


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