Linda & Daniel Bader

Ginny & Jeff Gendelman

Debra & Moshe Katz

Melina & David Marcus

Lynne & Richard Pearson

Louise & Gerald** Stein



Sarah Platt, President

Amy Blumenthal

Zachary Galicki

Eileen Graves

Marlene Lauwasser

James L. Miller*

Dr. David Wyatt


Rabbi Joel Alter

Cantor David Barash

Father David Cooper



Kari Altman*

John Dobroski*

Moshe Katz

Lynne Pearson*

Richard Pearson*


*Past President

** Of Blessed Memory



Ginny Gendelman

Executive Director

Felicia Miller

Development Director


About MJFLA:

Milwaukee Jewish Free Loan Association (MJFLA) is an interest-free, non-sectarian, non-profit organization that has been offering alternative financial solutions to Southeastern Wisconsin since 2009.  MJFLA’s revolving loan fund is entirely supported by members of the community through private donations. With a 99.6% repayment rate, MJFLA recycles funds again and again to make more loans.  MJFLA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) corporation and a member of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans (IAJFL).


Our Mission:

Milwaukee Jewish Free Loan Association offers a hand-up instead of a handout, promoting self-sufficiency with dignity. Offering interest-free loans instead of charity, MJFLA seeks to empower people by furthering the concept of Gemilut Chasadim (acts of lovingkindness). MJFLA provides confidential loans on a non-sectarian basis to people who meet established criteria. As loans are repaid, MJFLA recycles those funds into new loans.


Vision Statement:

Milwaukee Jewish Free Loan Association sees a future in which self-reliant members of the community, finding themselves in a time of financial need, benefit from interest-free loans provided by a revolving loan fund supported by a network of community members.  MJFLA is the platform that enables this vision.


MJFLA has been an accredited member of the International Association of Jewish Free Loans since 2009.

Financial Information:

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