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Employee Loan 


The MJFLA Employee Loan program provides interest-free loans to residents of Southeastern Wisconsin to help with temporary financial needs. Applicants are referred by their employers who ideally guarantee loan repayment (not required for businesses/organizations that have established loan funds at MJFLA). Applicants are required to have sufficient income to repay the loan.

Loan Documents:

1.    Submit the online application.

2.   Read the confirmation email that you receive after submitting.

3.   Email or fax your requested documents (itemized in the confirmation email) along with the bill(s) you need to pay or other documents related to your particular financial goal.

4.   Ask your guarantor(s) to submit their guarantor application(s) if your employer is not your guarantor.

Loan Committee Review:

Once all documents are received and credit reports are acquired, if the applicant qualifies, then the loan committee will meet to review the application. Once approved, loan documents will be signed and loan funds disbursed.


  • Each loan payment schedule will be tailored to the individual client.

  • Repayment will begin about 30 days after receiving the loan.

  • Payments will be made via payroll deduction.

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