The Milwaukee Student to Student Fund has been established to ensure that students can attend college. MJFLA interest-free loans fill the gap between the cost of attending college and the resources students and their families have available to pay. This new fund is an annual program specifically designed for full-time students.*

Priority is given to applications submitted by April 30th but applications are accepted year-round.

  1.   Interest-free

  2.   Up to $5,000 per loan

  3.   Two cosigners required

  4.   Low monthly payments ($100/mo.) while in school

Applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. 1.Be a resident of the Greater Milwaukee area (regardless of school location) for at least one year prior to application date.  All students must be Wisconsin residents.

  2. 2.Be at least 18 years of age by September 1st.  Students under 17 may apply with their parents, but parents may not be cosigners of the loan until the student turns 18.

  3. 3.Be enrolled in full-time post-secondary study at an accredited, non-profit institution.* Applicants must provide proof of enrollment.

  4. 4.GPA of 2.0 or better.

  5. 5.Complete a FAFSA as early as possible in the calendar year, and accept available financial aid resources.

  6. 6.Complete the MJFLA Educational Loan online application and provide all supplemental documents.

  7. 7.Applicant (or parents/guardians) must have verifiable means to repay the loan. Students who make payments in a timely manner will be eligible for future loans.

  8. 8.Provide two cosigners with good credit histories. (See Cosigner criteria below.)

Decisions will be announced no later than July 31 on all applications completed by June 30. All loan decisions are made at the sole discretion of the MJFLA Loan Committee. Applications will be presented to the MJFLA Loan Committee in anonymous format.  MJFLA student loans are not federally backed or controlled.   

* MJFLA also offers loans for part-time students and others. Part-time students and others who do not meet the above requirements may apply for an MJFLA Personal Loan. Click here to complete a Personal Loan application.

Cosigner criteria:

  1. 1.All cosigners must be at least 26 years of age, and permanent Wisconsin state residents.  New permanent residents must have lived in Wisconsin for at least two years prior to the application date. 

  2. 2.All cosigners have a steady source of income and a strong, established credit record. Cosigners should have a minimum credit score of 675, household income $50,000 or more, and be willing and able to repay the loan in the event that the borrower cannot pay.

  3. 3.Current MJFLA cosigners may not be a cosigner to another MJFLA loan until the current loan is successfully repaid.  Except that parents or grandparents may cosign for multiple students in some circumstances.

  4. 4.Professionals working in the community, including but not limited to: clergy, other service agency executives, etc. may not be cosigners.  These individuals tend to have high visibility in the community, and are often requested to be cosigners of loans.  This rule, therefore, exists for their benefit and protection.

  5. 5.The applicant’s spouse cannot be a cosigner.

  6. 6.A married couple is considered to be one cosigner.

  7. 7.Divorced parents may both be cosigners so long as they maintain separate households and neither relies on the other for any income.

  8. 8.No person in active military service may be a cosigner.

  9. 9.The applicant and cosigners will each have a credit report performed via Credco.

  10. 10.Cosigners are jointly and severally liable for the repayment of the loan. The loan documents state that in the event of a default, the cosigners are liable for the loan, “jointly and severally”.  MJFLA would expect the cosigners on the note to share equally in the responsibility of repayment of the loan, however, each cosigner is liable for the full amount and, as such, could be called upon to repay the total balance due in full in the event a default occurs.

  11. 11.MJFLA reserves the right to contact any and all cosigners at any time as they deem necessary.


Contact MJFLA at 414-961-1500 or email your questions to

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