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The MJFLA Employee Loan program provides interest-free loans to residents of Southeastern Wisconsin to help with temporary financial needs. Applicants are referred by their employers who ideally guarantee loan repayment (not required for businesses/organizations that have established loan funds at MJFLA). Applicants are required to have sufficient income to repay the loan.


  1. Employee must have sufficient income to repay the loan.

  2. All MJFLA loans require guarantors.  If the Business Circle member employer is the guarantor, no others are needed. If not, then the employee will need to find other credit-worthy guarantors, who are employed and are Wisconsin residents (at least one for up to $4,000, two for larger loans up to $5,000).



  1. Employee submits the Personal Loan application.

  2. An email will automatically be sent to the employee explaining the next steps and requesting necessary documents. (Copies of bank statements, copy of lease or mortgage statement, and a copy of the bill(s), repair quote, etc., if applicable.)

  3. The employee will email or fax the requested documents and, if not a Business Circle member employer guaranteed loan, will find other guarantor(s) to submit guarantor applications.

  4. An MJFLA staff person will contact the applicant to discuss the application and answer any questions.


  1. MJFLA will review the application, employer guarantor form or other guarantor(s) applications, and submitted documents, and then run credit reports for the borrower and other guarantor(s).  If the applicant has sufficient income to repay the loan and the guarantors qualify, an application summary without identifying information will be presented to the loan committee. 

  2. The applicant and employer will be notified immediately via telephone or email if the loan is approved or denied.


Once all documents are received, if the applicant and guarantors qualify, the loan committee decision will be communicated to the applicant within 24-48 hours.


The promissory note, guarantee document, employer's payroll deduction form, and an ACH authorization form will be sent via DocuSign for signatures from the applicant and all guarantors.


Once all documents are signed, the loan will be disbursed via electronic funds transfer directly into the loan client's bank account or will be sent directly to pay an account on the client's behalf.


  1. Each loan payment schedule is tailored to the individual loan client. The payment amount is determined in communication with the client to maximize the opportunity for successful repayment.

  2. Payments will be made via payroll deduction.

  3. MJFLA will provide a copy of the payroll deduction form to the employer.

  4. Repayment begins about 30 days after receiving the loan.

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