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REFER AN EMPLOYEE - When an employee needs help, send them to MJFLA for an interest-free loan rather than making an out-of-pocket cash advance. Referral is simple - either send the application link from your member dashboard, or hand them an MJFLA business card. 


MJFLA DOES THE REST - MJFLA will do all the work, thereby preserving your employer/employee relationship.  Once an application is received, MJFLA will contact your designated representative to confirm employment status, will determine whether to approve the loan based on ability to repay, and will screen the applicant's credit history as a part of that review process. Then MJFLA will handle all the loan documents and coordinate repayment via payroll deduction. If the employee leaves your employment prior to repayment in full, MJFLA will make every effort to continue collecting the outstanding balance.


EXPEDITED LOAN PROCESSING - Business Circle members' employees receive expedited loan processing.

MEMBER DASHBOARD - Membership includes a convenient member dashboard - everything you need in one place.


BUSINESS CARDS - MJFLA business cards are an easy way for you to hand your employees MJFLA contact information. Cards are provided for you to share when you introduce the loan program as a benefit to your entire staff or when someone comes to you for help.  Click here to request more cards.


PRESENTATIONS - MFJLA is available to make group presentations (via Zoom) to your employees to explain the Employee Loan program annually or upon request.

PERIODIC LOAN STATUS UPDATES - Provided upon request.

ASSISTANCE - We are always available to speak with you, or with any employee individually about their specific circumstances.  

RECOGNITION - You and your business will be recognized on our website and at MJFLA events.

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