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COVID-19 Loan


The MJFLA Personal Loan program provides interest-free loans up to $3,600 to residents of Southeastern Wisconsin to help with temporary financial needs. Applicants are required to have sufficient income to repay the loan and to have qualified guarantors.  

NOTE: Applications for any loan amount up to $3,600 with only one guarantor are being considered at this time to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Guarantor Requirements:  

1.  Guarantors are required for all personal loans.

  • One guarantor is required for loans up to $500.

  • Two guarantors are required for loans of $500 to $3,600. 

  • A married couple is considered one guarantor. Both spouses will sign the Guarantee loan document. 

2.  Qualified guarantors will:

  • have a good credit history.

  • have income from employment.

  • be Wisconsin residents.

Loan Documents:

1.    Submit the online application.

2.   Read the confirmation email that you receive after submitting.

3.   Email or fax your proof of income, bank statements, and lease or mortgage statement (as required in the email), along with the bill(s) you need to pay or other documents related to your particular financial goal.

4.   Ask your guarantor(s) to submit their online guarantor application(s).

Loan Committee Review:

Once all documents are received and credit reports are completed, if the applicant and guarantors qualify, then the loan committee will meet to review the application within one to three days.  Once approved, loan documents will be signed and the loan funds will be disbursed.


  • Each loan payment schedule will be tailored to the individual client.

  • Repayment will begin about 30 days after receiving the loan.

  • All payments will be made via monthly ACH transactions from the client's bank account.




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